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About AI Edge
AI Edge is a new company dedicated to help our customers understand  how to get the best outcomes from their ICT projects or procurement spend. Unlike, many companies , we have embraced AI and other new technologies for some time now and are uniquely placed to help you improve the deals or projects you put in place.

Our associates are drawn from a range of backgrounds and industries and have held posts at some of the top companies in the world eg Apple, Microsoft, World Bank and many public healthcare systems like the NHS. Our training is all practical and designed in a way that helps you improve your or your suppliers ‘ performance quickly.

The courses listed here are only the beginning and cover topics which we hope will be of use to you.

Welcome to AI Edge, the premier AI education and training provider for ICT, procurement, business professionals, and anyone interested in learning about AI. Our AI First training course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to buy AI products and services confidently. 

As businesses increasingly adopt AI technologies, it's becoming essential for professionals to understand how to leverage these tools to gain a competitive edge. That's where AI Edge comes in. Our comprehensive training course covers everything you need to know to make informed decisions when buying AI products and services.

 A clear and concise course on the AI revolution and how to use AI contracts. Our organisation has already identified the benefits of AI, in particular the speed of data management and reporting as well as part of our core financial services offered to end clients 

Philip Emsley
Procurement Director, Financial Services

 I bought the course 2 months ago and showed it to my team and they love it. As you know I am in public sector procurement and although the geared toward the private sector it has been greatly helpful for my team and it has boosted our understanding and I feel ahead of the game now. 

Donald Sullivan

 This course has opened my eyes to the possibilities of how to adapt AI applications for my Shopify business. I have recommended this course to everyone in my circle and I have a few interested parties. Thanks for putting this together. 

Rohan Patel
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